Uratanuki is also part of UraShimaSakataSen/Fourpe, a 4 man unit created in 2013. They have have at least one concert a year. They have released many songs under this unit.

Uratanuki is represented by green and is always accompanied by a raccoon. Uratanuki sings with a high voice with a cute but nasally tone, while also changing the tone of his voice to match the atmosphere of the songs. Uratanuki often voice acts in his videos, and he has recently picked up roles for voice acting in anime. He frequently collabs with Aho no Sakata and they have a duo unit called UraSaka.


Sakata and Urata have been collabing since 2011, and they became official through the release of their first album, UraSaka Biyori.

Yume Midori is a song about their relationship and how they rely on each other. They have a strong relationship and are usually together.

Urasaka has a red and green color scheme due to their respective colors. While they do make original songs togther, they frequently collab to cover songs. In addition to sing, they stream games together, they are usually horror or nintendo games.